DOYOUTHINKHESAURUS Productions wants to create a wide range of film content spanning all genres and platforms, while providing a safe environment for all sexes, races, and cultures to tell their stories and impact the world.

       Mark Merritt and Michael Hall Lindsey, the Founders of DOUYOUTHINKHESAURUS Productions, have been working together for over 10 years now. with 10+ years as professional actors in the harsh entertainment industry, they know a thing or two about the in and outs of the business. From college roommates, to New York roommates, these two have been creating together for quite some time. So it was time to take the leap and begin creating professional, fun, and innovative pieces of work under their own Production Company. Though they are newer to being on "this side of the table," their background, industry connections, creativity, and willingness for collaboration are more than enough to produce some beautiful and entertaining stories together with their ever expanding network for their ever expanding audience.

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