The Business of Being a Dog

Directors:  TBD

Screenwriter:  Michael Hall Lindsey

Genre:  Comedy/Web Series


Two doggy inventors- Stu, a neurotic genius, and Marty, his loyal “every dog” companion- who work for a prestigious puppy toy company, invent a product that they think could change canine history. Fighting each day for top dog status in a highly competitive market, can they make a name for themselves in this dog-eat-dog corporate world? 

Follow the White Walker

Directors:  Michael Hall Lindsey

Screenwriter:  Mark Merritt

Genre:  Drama/Short Film


What if you were given a chance to do it all differently?  Worlds collide and intertwine in this sci-fi fantasy about one mans/womans journey to do the “right thing” in one of many lives.

Musical Misadventures of Melancholy Mark

Directors:  Michael Hall Lindsey

Screenwriter:  Mark Merritt & Michael Hall Lindsey

Genre:  Comedy/Micro Web Series


Average guy. Average job. Average life... Oh, and everyone around him keeps bursting into song and dance. Totally average. 

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